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VMWARE on Apple Xserve

posted Sep 25, 2011, 6:56 PM by Ian Curtinsmith

While I wished to high heaven that Apple would us virtulize there OSX Server platform on Vmware, According to Senior Apple people at the last WWDC conference this is not currently on the cards. We can live in hope

While I have some seriouse concerns about the path Apple have gone down with it's latest Server Software 10.7 and the removal of the Xserve and even if you would want to run a crippled Server software version. That blog can wait for another day

But for now,  Vmware with its release of vSphere 5 introduces support for Apple's Mac OS X Server operating system on ESXi 5.0 :)

No mention of 10.7 Server version, but you would not role that out if you are serious at the moment into enterprise space anyhow

Some things to note

1) To run OSX as a guest client you need to have Apple Branded hardware to run Vmware on

2) Support for Apple Xserve 3,1

3) Supports 10.6 Server

More info at