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Time Machine will not Backup

posted Feb 20, 2012, 1:09 AM by Ian Curtinsmith   [ updated Feb 20, 2012, 1:16 AM ]

I recently came across a strange issue with a computer running Apple 10.7 backing up to time machine running on a Apple 10.6 server

The machine when trying to backup always gave an error type 10. 


Time Machine could not complete the backup

The backup disk image “/Volumes/TimeMachine/xxxxxxxx.sparsebundle” could not be created (error 10)



1) Mount the time machine backup volume on your computer

2) Go to System Preferences on your Mac > Sharing and note down the COMPUTER-NAME

3) Open Applications / Utilities / Terminal program and type in: 

ifconfig en0 | grep ether

Note down the MAC-ADDRESS, Example 01:4a:d4:35:6c

4) Open Applications / Utilities / Disk Utility

5) Select the "New Image" option to create you new disk image and save it to your Desktop (sometimes Disk Utility does not like saving to a server so save to your desktop) and set the settings as

        * Name : Backup

        * Size : 100MB

* Format : Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)

* Encryption : None

* Partitions : No partition map

* Image Format : sparse bundle disk image

* Where : Desktop

6) Choose "Save As" name as the "COMPUTER-NAME_MAC-ADDRESS.sparesebundle" using infor from point 2 and 3 above. For me it was "Laptop_014ad4356c"

7) Click Create and close Disk Utility

8) Now copy the newly created COMPUTER-NAME_MAC-ADDRESS.sparesebundle file to the time machine backup folder that you mounted in step 1 and re-run time machine backups

9) If the file already exists in this location by the name of COMPUTER-NAME or COMPUTER-NAME_MAC-ADDRESS you will need to delete the old one first. Note:// you are about to delete any old time machine backup

When I run this the first time 10.7 time machine actually renamed the file name from COMPUTER-NAME_MAC-ADDRESS to just COMPUTER-NAME.