Why Use Us!

System C was formed in 2009 during the economic downturn

It's goal was to provide small to medium business that work with Apple computers with a high level of support at a very reasonable price

It achieved this goal by dealing with a core group of business clients and listening to there needs

System C will help target a solutions around what you want rather than pushing a pre-configured box product solution in an attempt to match something "similar" to what you need

We provide after hours and weekend support to our client's

Our Experience Shows!

We have formed strategic partnerships with :

  • Juniper to provide high end networking infustructure
  • Trustico that provide very cheap SSL to high end Certificates
  • Exetel which partners with Optus and AAPT for business grade Copper over Ethernet Solutions to provide high bandwidth internet at very reasonable prices
  • Kerio to provide alternatives to exchange mail servers for a fraction of the cost
  • Mynetfone to offer small to medium business with virtualised Phone systems that are cheap and easy to run

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